Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of my buddy asked me "What am I celebrating by the way?" my answer was Deccan Chargers winning run at the IPL, I thought over it again and wrote back "Fake IPL Player!"

Yes, I am also celebrating
FakeIPLPlayer for its humour...if u haven’t read it read it chronologically. Who ever that guy is ...Salaam to him, he has made a blog more entertaining than the IPL itself. Also I haven’t seen anybody intimidate SRK and NDTV so much. Why SRK? coz he is credited with this uncanny ability to intimidate anybody (remem the icici…cbi…icbi what ever he said when he was asked to stay out of the dugout), Cut to 2009 he hasn’t spoken a word yet…we don’t see his whole brigade wearing KKR T Shirts (knighties as they are called else where) and jumping all over with that “Smell my arm pit” dance move…Why NDTV coz they are the official cheer leaders of KKR...they flavor all IPL news with "why KKR is the team to watch" one of their bengali sports reporter went to a famous Kolkatta fish market to ask the vendors which fish sells the most when KKR wins..hmmm…back to the studio during the Deccan Vs Mumbai post match analysis our bangali babu tells AJ that its gonna get real tough for Deccan when Fidel leaves for the Windies…Dude we understand, you have not taken Deccan routing KKR too well but don’t make that obvious when reporting on a national news channel. Btw NDTV is the first to report all controversial blogs (Amitabh's, Aamir's etc) but have they talked enough about Fake IPL Player...naahh...coz they cannot ridicule Shah Rukh Khan or themselves …..now that the Chargers have won 4 out of 4 they have suddenly started singing “Why is Deccan winning??”... attributing many reasons like pep talks, strategy hand outs etc etc...What ever!!! Cheers to the chargers and Cheers to the Fake IPL Player!! And then there is this moral value thing doing rounds on the news…that who ever is writing is a coward coz he cant reveal his identity…Guys!! he is writing a blog not the constitution of India, he is writing it for himself not for readership, we just happened to peep into it and hence the chain reaction. I have great respect for the Knight Riders as a team and for Dada, I hope and I know they will pull themselves together and start firing. I also don’t think that one blog will split the team, because even that blog doesn’t intend to do that, I say that coz even the Fake IPL Player on many occasions has been very protective about KKR. However I can’t buy the concept that SRK is the face of the mecca of cricket in India and you can co brand your news channel with some team, its fine to do that but you cannot co brand your news content with some team…I think NDTV has already understood that …their sports desk reporting seems neutral from the past 2-3 days (maybe coz I haven’t seen our bangali babu reporting in the last 2-3 days) . Branding, marketing, cheer leaders, celebrity owners, glamour etc all follow cricket and not the other way round I wish everybody gets this point.

As for the Chargers, I am already content, coz I remember during the fag end of their last IPL stint they dint loose any match without giving a tough fight, and during one of the presentations Gilly expressed the team was really depressed that they dint give even one victory to the huge home crowd at the Uppal Stadium. It gave me a feeling that next season they are going to give their life to play for that one principle. Another huge difference is their temperament, we don't see any sledging or any over confident post match press conferences...I hope it remains that way!! Whatever happens from now on I can only vouch for one point, Hyderabad is really proud of you guys. Go Chargers!!!!

Why the name??

Coz that best describes a laid back hyderabadi..not that hyderabadis drink like a fish and eat like a pig but they certainly take pride in being laid back and it works for them....and no!!! neither this blog is about booze n food nor it is laid back...many posts will come including the politically wrong ones!!